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Here is what just some of the Academy members had to say:

Clive & Aleksandra Trent – We have activated our membership yesterday.  This morning we had time to listen to the first module of the Passion Fueler.  Our Opinion – IT’S BLOOMING EXCELLENT!


Clive & Aleksandra Trent – We have finished the course.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.  We feel inspired.  It’s a well presented course.  We wish you great success.


Ben Nell – What a life changing experience!  The course has inspired me to act on my goals and I have not even completed the programme, yet!


John Mosehla – I feel so blessed to have come across your programme.  My life has seen a complete turn around with the Passion Fueler alone.  I am looking forward to the rest of the courses in the programme.



More and more people are realising that they need more than a university degree to succeed.  They realise that they also need to become “street smart” because a tertiary qualification does not guarantee success.

Entrepreneurs realise they need to have a clear understanding of their purpose and passion to achieve their personal and business goals.

Small Business Owners and Corporates realise they need to play to the strengths of their employees to gain sustainable growth and business expansion.

Amateur and wannabe professional sportsman realise they need more than skill and practise to compete at the highest level.

Individuals understand that the realisation of  their dreams and goals are up to them and no one else.



Here’s how membership works

Every 30 days since the date of your enrollment, a new system in the programme will be unlocked that you can study at your own time and pace.

Step 1

Each month you will receive access to the powerful video’s, audios as well as bonus videos to guide you through your workbooks.

Step 2

After completion of the tutorial modules you will complete an assignment to give us an indication of your understanding of the topic you have studied.

Step 3

A coach will be assigned to you to help, guide and support you all the way through each course until the completion of the total programme.  Your coach will also give you valuable feedback to help you gain a deeper insight and offer different perspectives on the material studied.


Our members understand that they have to master 3 core areas if they want to succeed in becoming leaders of their lives:

As a member of the 5th Level Academy you will soar through these 3 core areas and master 6 systems (presented as courses) to become a pro-active, confident leader of your life and destiny.

Here’s a quick summary of what you will learn in each system:

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to discover your purpose and develop a passion for what you love doing.
  • Develop a firm belief in your own abilities.
  • Who you should and should not listen to.
  • Overcome the stumbling blocks that is holding you back and take action.
  • Use your natural talents to get what you want and excel in what you do.
  • The importance of proper goal setting and turning it into reality.
  • How knowing and understanding yourself is key to understanding other people and the role it plays in influencing others.
  • Understanding your level of leadership and what it takes to increase your leadership impact.


How much are the course fees?

Currently I charge $2,000 per day for one-on-one training with clients.

Our popular 4-day Success Bootcamp requires an investment of $1,500.

You may join the Academy now for a low monthly subscription of $57 for 5 months ($285 total).









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